Tuesday, November 3, 2009

just washed my own hair in sink at work

cause it was filthy and didn't have time for anyone to wash it today. actually i was hoping to get started on this color bullshit cause my hair is going to take FOREVER to get to grey. and i already bathed once today so i'm sure as hell not going to do it again. i dont know why i hate bathing so much but fuck, i really do. sitting at work on the couch taking advantage of the internet connection the wounderfullness of no one being here. i dont have to listen to ass metal for one.

ah, talking heads. this must be the place. this song holds the best memories of this summer, when we used to video night every sunday. when s.douglas and sf and i would all hang out. when sf and i were the bestiest of besties. "i got plenty of time" summer seemed to stretch out forever in front us. it was just getting warm. i finally found my best kiddos. i was on top of the world. i would listen to this song on repeat if i could.... funny how songs can shape your memories. funny how people can shape who you are. especially your besties. you acquire desired traits. retire ones that irriate.

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  1. songs have a way of creeping up on you. getting to you at strange moments.