Wednesday, November 11, 2009

what makes you think

that i care to see photos of your baby? first of all i dont know you and second i dont do babies. i can at least fake it for people i know, but you sir, a random bar patron: i sure as hell cant get it up for your newly spawned offspring. she me photos of your cat.. ok cool, your dog.. yah thats great.. even your ferret.. but i hate babies and i hate that people feel the need to create an image of them selves and bring them in this stupid world. whatever.. have your babies but i dont want to see them. ok?

but speaking of cats.. bk meow is mega smart! today she learned to hit the snooze on the alarm clock. fer serious. we were spooning this morning and the alarm went off and her little paw shot out from under the blaket and tapped the alarm that was in my bed. at first i thought i was coincidence but then she hit again then next snooze time! maybe thats why i slept through my alarm yesterday? i'm gonna have to watch that smart little bitch.

i'm also going to take this time (work is hella slow.. i might stab my eyeballs out just for something to do.. hence the mega rant) to say that i have some of the best homies ever. d.bear likes to text me smiths' lyrics in the wee hours of the morning. "this charming man". and mikey always seems to know when i'm having a shit day and texts his love from 303. and bril and camcam and lil.bro. even tom and chuchu. i have a kinds of other great homies but my bestie.bears make me not hate the very existance in we inhabit.

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