Friday, January 30, 2009

sitting in the coffee shop window..

maybe i look like a pretentious asshole sitting in the coffee shop on my laptop with my headphones on but if i had Internet at home this wouldn't be an issue.. its not like i come here to look "cool" or whatever. really im just poor. from now on i will further attribute this same trait to others sitting in the coffee shop. oh and the guy who works here is kinda foxy so yah.

so i'm settled into my new space though i feel i need some thrift store chairs and possibly a couch if i can find one in my budget. its a great little spot, aside from the brick wall it looks out at, but hey, gotta make sacrifices somewhere. besides i only signed a 6 month lease so if its super lame i'll just leave! the location is stellar however, in my humble opinion. i still feel like i need to get out and explore some more so i'll probably do that this afternoon since i'm off. i like that i get to walk everywhere cause i really enjoy walking and kinda despise driving. maybe i'll get to sell my car, especially cause its nearly impossible to park around here! i guess if i ever get a salon job where i can actually walk to work.

sorry i'm so insightful, or lack there of, today. i guess theres just random shit on my mind. or maybe stuff i'm not sure if i need to put in writing as of yet.. things still up in the air. maybe thats why i've been so crazy lately. i feel like my head is alllll over the place and i cant focus on anything! maybe it was all the moving and whatnot i needed to get back into a schedule.

i love sitting in the window cause i get to watch the odd people of portland wander about. graham said that "theres no attractive women in portland"... which is possible but i think its just that they aren't so plastic so the attractive quotient is a bit different, which im kinda down with, especially after working at the salon of barbies. speaking of cam is coming out in a week and i'm soooo stooooked! its gonna be a shit show i know, but i cant wait. so thats enough blabbering i guess. more later.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

can i tell you over the attitude i am?

a lot! no body likes a know it all. or at least most people dont. i have no idea how the hell you have a committed relationship with one cause living with it drives me insane! my only plus side is that at least there is someone for everyone... i just hope my little lady isn't settling cause she deserves better. oh and i LOVE and can i say L O V E when i get to prove that little shit wrong. everyone likes to be right but i generally dont care too much, unless its rubbing wrongness in a know it all's face! even more when its something they care about that they think you know nothing about cause you just moved to this city and you are a woman. oh man thats validating. oh and stop putting the 2 things i left in the living room in my room. my boots were wet and i like the cross word puzzle book out there cause i'm an old lady. i dont put your shit in your room do i? besides, i take up 1 tiny room in this 3 bedroom house, cant i leave 2 things in the living room? YOU HAVE THE WHOLE HOUSE!!! soon enough i will have my own little place i know. until then i'm going to rant on here because i can.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

employed. finally.

apparently i am the latest addition to katie o'brians. its a little old and dingy looking inside but hey, who cares? oh and i have to work breakfast but i dont have THAT much experience behind the bar and really i just need someone to pay me money so who the hell cares yes? i'm hoping to meet lots of interesting people i can share stories about. we were pretty slow today so nothing interesting. thats all for now i guess.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

maybe i should sell my car

its something i've been thinking about for a while now. not only will i inevitably save money on gas and insurance it will help save the environment. sure its convenient, but who's to say it makes me a better person? its just a thing. i guess it comes in handy when taking the kids to the vet, but i could always take a cab in those instances. i may want it to drive home in cause its cheaper, but if i stay for a while i'll start collecting belongings again and then i'll need a truck anywho. and with all the money i save from not having a car MAYBE i can save enough to get a truck home.

obviously i'm not going to sell it tomorrow but its something to think about. if it was paid off too, that would be a different story. ill wait a few months and see how i feel when i get settled but i think i want to sell it. i wish i wouldn't have bought it actually. i wanted it to go to the mountains but i hardly went after i bought it! and i was living in the city and could have taken the bus. though it was quick and warm in the winter.

i could save so much money if i had a significant other. we could share the car, an apartment, bills. im pretty sure thats not the life i will have though. i like my independence too much. maybe i've never met someone i'm willing to sacrifice my life for yet, or maybe i'm not at the right point in my life.. you know, the point where i'm willing to sacrifice. but there are a lot of ways i could save money. i could eat less. i could shop less. i could SELL THE CAR. all of those are good ideas. i'll work on money saving...

"i drew my favorite sceen from waiting to exhale.."

...what? first of all who has a favorite scene from waiting to exhale? second who thinks that's an adequate drawing in pictionary? like any other person has seen waiting to exhale enough to know what scene you are drawing? apparently the guy i met last evening at the night light as a potential room mate LOVES that movie. hes got to be gay cause what straight guy would say that? really i cant think of another human who would say that...

anyhow he was super nice and had a real nice house (except for the odd blue bathroom..) and LOTS of video game consoles including nintendo, super nintendo and sega as well as new games like rock band! i would have a super fun time there, oh yes i would. but i cant help but worry that he thinks i'm a nut job cause well, i am. everyone is i guess but most people hide it until they get to know people. i generally just throw it right our there, especially after a few cocktails. oops. but he hung out at the bar and played pictionary with us and even if he doesn't want to live w me (or vis a vis... if i get some jobs this week as i might live alone...) i would be down to have hh with him again. or see his band or go to a show or whatever. i know many people here so who cares yes?

scoot just took this kraut/potato/bacon pie thing out of the oven and smells real nice so i'm going to go check it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

i wonder if i share too much info

so i'm trying to find a place to live right? well there is a new ad on craigs list today for a 28yearold male who lives in hawthorne who sounds remarkably like me so i emailed him. now in the past people's posts i've responded to have said things like "tell me a little bit about your self so i have something to go on" and they never write me back, for one reason or another. so this guy mentioned he had an exotic dandelion garden (there was a photo too...) and not only did i think this was hilarious but i love dandelions. i've always said the boy who shows up with a fist full of dandelions will win my heart. so i emailed him about his dandelions, and about the other things we had in common and signed off. then i remembered the animals and i have to throw that in cause i want him to know what he's in for. but i dont want him to think they are big stinky animals i wont take care of and this is what i said:

oh and i have a 16lb, 13 year old sheltie that i simply cant part with (she mostly sleeps and shes almost blind and deaf so shes real easy and real cute) and an 8 month year old street kitten i took in this summer. they are more than happy to stay in my room when i'm not room and the kitty is easly trained not to scratch and she never ever pees outside her litter box (cat pee is the WORST). i'm a VERY responsible pet owner and would never expect you to take care of them unless for some reason i cant or you feel like you want to. they both take a while to warm up to people so if you dont want them all over you they wont be. sorry for the long post script.

and know i probably sound like a crazy and never write back. what are you supposed to say in these things? if he never responds i'm not going to give so much info and just get them to meet me. ha. well i have a second interview next week with a salon and its on hawthorne this house could be good, especially if i have to sell the jetta and take the bus every day cause its just strait down hawthorne like 20 blocks. hopefully i can keep the jetta cause it will be paid off in a year and that would be soo nice. the rent at this place is $500 which i'm used to, but i'll have to pay trash and untils. i'm going to need a second job regardless but maybe he'll know someone! yah! ok enough crazy for today.

happy new year