Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i lost my heart shapped sunnies

sad day. or maybe i'm sad today cause i'm pmsing. or maybe i'm sad cause i miss tk. maybe im a touch hung over. whatever the reason i'm sad today. i do really miss tk however. it felt so good to see him last week. we talked about hanging out either last night or today, but i have yet to hear from him. as always. for some reason i just love to be near him. i love the sex too but we cant do that anymore. i need a little separation from him. i do wish things were different though. i dont think he misses me like i miss him. i'm also a little mad at him for his stupid quote on myspace on not meeting anyone from the opposite sex who is honest with him and i'll probably call him out on it. 1. i was nothing but honest. too honest. 2. i dont believe hes looking very hard, if at all and he needs to stop pretending that he is.

i know i have so much other things going on and so many people who love me and think the world of me that i shouldn't care but i really just miss that little shit. it beautiful outside and i feel like i should enjoy the sunshine but i'm so tired and sad today i dont think i can. maybe sleep for a while and then ill walk echo some more.

in other news:
while having cocktails with d last night we put together that his parents and al's parents totally knew each other back in the day in boulder, through drugs and what not. crazy! i heart d hes such a good kiddo and i love kickin with him.
t and i decided to get married in 10 years. if all else fails anyway which i'm sure it will. at least it gives me something to hold on to when i'm feeling down. theres always my little harter.

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