Friday, December 26, 2008

party on

just watched waynes world. forgot how great that flick is. feeling less crazy today, not entirely sure why. maybe cause i've been left to my own devices. for some reason i often my find myself more entertained when left alone cause i can do whatever the fuck i want without worrying anyone is going think i'm a nut for playing dress up in my own closet for hours on end. is that weird? do other people do that? i just like getting dressed i guess. especially when i have the time do it and i definitely have a lot of that right now. unfortunately i dont really have any where to go at the present time. not that i couldn't find some where to go but i'm low on cash flow so i'm just going to wait. when everything is put in those terms i feel much more content to stay home. oh and i've gone to bed at 10 almost every night since i've been here. party on right? it is kind of a nice change though. i was getting so bored in denver. same people every night. same old shit every day. not that there wasn't people i adored but everything was just...we... the same. i'm sure it will feel like that eventually here too but i just needed a change of scenery. i feel like i'm too young to be stuck some where. i need to see and do and learn as much as possible cause who knows long i actually have on this planet. or how long this planet has to live for that matter. or, if i do for some reason i decided that children aren't the devil and i need to raise a few, i need to be fully prepared. ie i need to learn as much as possible so i can teach them and i need to do as much as possible so i dont hate them.

i have an interview at a salon on monday but i'm not sure its really where i want to be. its pretty far out. technically its in happy valley (queer) but i'm going to the interview to at least check it out. its just, if going to work my ass off to promote myself and a salon i'd like it to be a salon that kills it. its not like i'm going to make a lot of money there right away anyhow. but who knows, maybe there are a lot a rich ladies that live around there... but i feel like they would go downtown.. to the pearl if you will. maybe i'm stereo typing. at least the interview will be good practice, its been a long time since i interviewed. they might not even like me. wow my post is boring today... but i guess such is my life at the present time. its all in my head and in this little house in ne portland...


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