Sunday, December 28, 2008

street cat

so i walked into my room a few moments ago to find a half eaten dog biscuit in the middle of my bed, surrounded by crumbs. lots of crumbs. between the sheets. first i was pissed.. really you had to do that in my bed? second i was amazed. who did this and how? i turned to look at the box of biscuits on top of dakotas kennel. open, as we genearlly leave them, but still upright, as if no one had touched them. since there were no other humans home and hadn't been for several days i figured i must have left one somewhere. but after a few moments of thought, i realized that wouldn't have happened either. then beatrix leaped onto the bed, batted around the treat for a moment, then siezed the biscuit in her mouth and scampered off the bed. moments later echo stole and treat and gobbled it down immeadately and i realized what must have gone down:

beatrix was bored and left unattended so, being the food crazy street kitten she is, she stole a biscuit from the open box on top of dakota's kennel (an easy move for a cat who can weasel her way into a tupperware full of dog food on top of the refrigerator), and ran back into my room, into the safety of the bed before anyone could stop her or eat the treat. obviously this is what happened because neither of the dogs can reach the treats and as dogs do, they would eat the treat instantly. also only a cat can manage to retrieve a single treat with out spilling the box and only a cat, even food obsessed street cat, could make into the next room before eating a tiny treat, and leaving half behind for that matter. at the point i couldn't even be mad, simply impressed by the cunning of that addorable little brat.


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