Wednesday, June 10, 2009

delicious boys...mmmmm

so i was going to blog today cause its been quite a minute but not even sure where to start! killing time before the bar, went to the salon in the rain today and no one was there! so came home till 4, but then just decided to do laundry instead, been an interesting day! i was kinda bummed cause i could have gone up to hood to see mho while hes in town but its ok. probly would have gotten in trouble and i wouldn't have chatted it up with pretty silver who called and invited me to stay with him in july! mmm.. that delicious man. maybe a little crazy but who cares! i rather enjoy an eclectic artist and you have to be a little nutty to fall into that category yes? and hes so pretty and nice. i wouldnt even know he might be a tad nuts if i hadn't Internet stalked him like i do... mmmm.... its already been a week since i've seen him but i still cant shake him. i want to see him right now. hope i still feel the same by the time i go there! even if i dont its a free place to stay and hes gorgeous so i cant imagine not! i know he'll show me a good time and its not like i would have a serious bf in the span of 6 weeks. less than 6 weeks! is 4 days enough? probly cause we've only kicked a little. that should be the perfect time span. long enough to hang out, short enough to get away. and just enough time to party in sf in all its glory. cant wait!

waiting for kev to call me, he should be rolling into town real soon here. he and t are (hopefully not too many more) are staying here i think tonight then heading to hood tomorrow. i'll probly head up tomorrow eve after work since i dont have to be at the bar till 730 on friday. haven't been up there yet so it should be fun with all the hot boys on skateboards. i'm such a crazy old lady already.. ha.

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