Friday, June 26, 2009

wierd day

on wednesday i stopped by magpie, just to see if there were any amazing finds that i just couldn't live without. i stumbled upon a yellow terry dress and michael jackson thriller t. i wasn't sure if i needed both but i just loved them both and the mj shirt was killer. all worn in and soft. grey. tasty. so yesterday morning threw on my new mj t, some skinny black pants, pair of vans and headed to the salon for work. bruce was wearing similar outfit commenting that at least his didn't have a child molester on it. in mj's defense, i argued that this was back before he molested children, when he was still being molested. later, i was bitching about no good burritos in portland and linc took me to gorditos. fuck yes. this place was the best burrito i've had in daysssss. as soon as my burrito came out of the window of the food cart i tore into, molten hot beans seared the roof of my mouth but it was so glorious i couldn't stop!! then bruce text.. "you are wearing a shirt with a dead child molester on it." what??? michael jackson died i exclaimed and looked down at my shrit. everyone at the cart looked up from delicious snacks in wonder.. "what??" "i'm googling that!" sure enough: dead. age 50. crazy. and i had just thrifted that t the day before. now i was in s swirl of emotions. good burrito. hot beans. mj dead. was it the shirt??

later i met sf - pookie up on alberta for last thursday and let me tell you there were some weirdos up there. crazy time. so many people. so odd. we had to get out of there it was too much. down to katies for some booze. were going to go to a party and sp and i were exchanging numbers and some how he already had it saved as "g". i definitely didn't have his. what? i just met him a few weeks back and i dont every remember exchanging numbers, nor does he... odd. did he get it from me years back in denver and we dont remember?? or was it sunday? but wouldn't he have put my name in on sunday? who knows. later he tried to smooch me and licked my face. gross. who does that. who taught these kids to smooch? jesus christ. i cant wait to see my little silv. mmm. 4 glorious days in san francisco with stellar dude. hell yes.

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