Tuesday, June 16, 2009

still hungover, damn jug o wine..

didn't even realize i drank that much until kev pulled it out of the fridge this morning and showed me i drank almost the whole thing. stellar t. felt like poo all day. had coffee w tk today. he looked well and it was nice to see him. finally feel over things and have fond feelings towards the memories of things. apparently hes trying to be healthy and might want to get the hell out of portland. understandable, especially when all your friends are into things you aren't anymore. sometimes its easier to pick and move away, even if you still love them all. its easier to be who you want to be with no one around to judge you, or judge the change in you when no one knows you. maybe sil wants to move here. i mean little sf is here and all kinds of homies and its less expensive.. maybe i'll daydream away about how he hearts me and wants to move here... mmmm. sent him a text today about how he makes me nervous and giggly like a 12 year old girl. blew my cool!!! oh well i guess. at least i didn't talk to him last night when i was wasted. not that we haven't drank together (hello! the monog. w sf??) but apparently i talked to d and i was a big re. then i came home and threw up and passed out on the toilet and kev had to wake me up when he got back to the apt. i'm so fucking classy i cant even stand it.
been drinking too much this week. need to mellow out a bit. hard with the entire world coming to visit. which i love dont get me wrong but i want to party when the kids are in town. especially wet ones. part of why i left denver.. as mentioned before. i think i need to go to sleep. my head hurts. supposed photo shoot tomorrow. bit nervous. good though.

just noticing the abundance of male friends i play with. i love my female friends but i want to run around like a 12 year old and males are often best for that. and they are low drama. and i heart their lifestyles..most anyway. the traveling ones i've been kickin with as of late especially. like i always say, so many male friends, never any boyfriends. maybe one day....

going to daydream...

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