Thursday, June 11, 2009

obsessing for a minute

first off, a girl i worked w for a hot minute called this morning asking me to go out for her birthday tonight, something i found odd considering we barely new each other, not even enough to exchange phone numbers.. which makes things even odder: she got my phone number from tk. bizarre. the first time i kicked w tk at my work she mean mugged him the whole night. i know what man mentioned knowing her... maybe they were all kickin it or he recognized her from there and asked for my number? who knows. the thing is i would totally go but boys are in town skating up at hood and invited me up there.. but never told me how to get there and i feel wierd going cause its all doods skating and i feel like i'll look like a pro ho, but i would love to go run around in the woods like a 7 year old. but i should network in pdx and meet more people and get to know them and what not so i guess ill head to dantes around 9. at least then i can figure out why the hell they were talking about me and maybe see tk. haven't spoken to him since... oh man a month? maybe? dont know.. days ago for sure. almost feel ready to see him again. its not as annoying when i smell his smell on the entire world anymore. actually i almost called him the other day to see how he was but i didn't. kinda glad now cause he obviously HAD to at least think about me without me instigating it. and someone spoke highly enough of me to get a number so.. yah.

most importantly::: booked my flight to sf so i can go visit the beautiful silver!! and see sf!! wooo! july 12th baby! cant wait. my brain runs fucking rampant any more. jesus i need to slow it down or something.. i want to run and play and chat and do everything all the time. i dont know how people snort drugs cause i can barely sit still as it is! jesus! well gonna fix myself and ride my bike down to the barmuda triangle and kick.

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