Sunday, January 11, 2009

can i tell you over the attitude i am?

a lot! no body likes a know it all. or at least most people dont. i have no idea how the hell you have a committed relationship with one cause living with it drives me insane! my only plus side is that at least there is someone for everyone... i just hope my little lady isn't settling cause she deserves better. oh and i LOVE and can i say L O V E when i get to prove that little shit wrong. everyone likes to be right but i generally dont care too much, unless its rubbing wrongness in a know it all's face! even more when its something they care about that they think you know nothing about cause you just moved to this city and you are a woman. oh man thats validating. oh and stop putting the 2 things i left in the living room in my room. my boots were wet and i like the cross word puzzle book out there cause i'm an old lady. i dont put your shit in your room do i? besides, i take up 1 tiny room in this 3 bedroom house, cant i leave 2 things in the living room? YOU HAVE THE WHOLE HOUSE!!! soon enough i will have my own little place i know. until then i'm going to rant on here because i can.

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