Friday, January 30, 2009

sitting in the coffee shop window..

maybe i look like a pretentious asshole sitting in the coffee shop on my laptop with my headphones on but if i had Internet at home this wouldn't be an issue.. its not like i come here to look "cool" or whatever. really im just poor. from now on i will further attribute this same trait to others sitting in the coffee shop. oh and the guy who works here is kinda foxy so yah.

so i'm settled into my new space though i feel i need some thrift store chairs and possibly a couch if i can find one in my budget. its a great little spot, aside from the brick wall it looks out at, but hey, gotta make sacrifices somewhere. besides i only signed a 6 month lease so if its super lame i'll just leave! the location is stellar however, in my humble opinion. i still feel like i need to get out and explore some more so i'll probably do that this afternoon since i'm off. i like that i get to walk everywhere cause i really enjoy walking and kinda despise driving. maybe i'll get to sell my car, especially cause its nearly impossible to park around here! i guess if i ever get a salon job where i can actually walk to work.

sorry i'm so insightful, or lack there of, today. i guess theres just random shit on my mind. or maybe stuff i'm not sure if i need to put in writing as of yet.. things still up in the air. maybe thats why i've been so crazy lately. i feel like my head is alllll over the place and i cant focus on anything! maybe it was all the moving and whatnot i needed to get back into a schedule.

i love sitting in the window cause i get to watch the odd people of portland wander about. graham said that "theres no attractive women in portland"... which is possible but i think its just that they aren't so plastic so the attractive quotient is a bit different, which im kinda down with, especially after working at the salon of barbies. speaking of cam is coming out in a week and i'm soooo stooooked! its gonna be a shit show i know, but i cant wait. so thats enough blabbering i guess. more later.

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