Sunday, January 4, 2009

"i drew my favorite sceen from waiting to exhale.."

...what? first of all who has a favorite scene from waiting to exhale? second who thinks that's an adequate drawing in pictionary? like any other person has seen waiting to exhale enough to know what scene you are drawing? apparently the guy i met last evening at the night light as a potential room mate LOVES that movie. hes got to be gay cause what straight guy would say that? really i cant think of another human who would say that...

anyhow he was super nice and had a real nice house (except for the odd blue bathroom..) and LOTS of video game consoles including nintendo, super nintendo and sega as well as new games like rock band! i would have a super fun time there, oh yes i would. but i cant help but worry that he thinks i'm a nut job cause well, i am. everyone is i guess but most people hide it until they get to know people. i generally just throw it right our there, especially after a few cocktails. oops. but he hung out at the bar and played pictionary with us and even if he doesn't want to live w me (or vis a vis... if i get some jobs this week as i might live alone...) i would be down to have hh with him again. or see his band or go to a show or whatever. i know many people here so who cares yes?

scoot just took this kraut/potato/bacon pie thing out of the oven and smells real nice so i'm going to go check it.

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