Sunday, January 4, 2009

maybe i should sell my car

its something i've been thinking about for a while now. not only will i inevitably save money on gas and insurance it will help save the environment. sure its convenient, but who's to say it makes me a better person? its just a thing. i guess it comes in handy when taking the kids to the vet, but i could always take a cab in those instances. i may want it to drive home in cause its cheaper, but if i stay for a while i'll start collecting belongings again and then i'll need a truck anywho. and with all the money i save from not having a car MAYBE i can save enough to get a truck home.

obviously i'm not going to sell it tomorrow but its something to think about. if it was paid off too, that would be a different story. ill wait a few months and see how i feel when i get settled but i think i want to sell it. i wish i wouldn't have bought it actually. i wanted it to go to the mountains but i hardly went after i bought it! and i was living in the city and could have taken the bus. though it was quick and warm in the winter.

i could save so much money if i had a significant other. we could share the car, an apartment, bills. im pretty sure thats not the life i will have though. i like my independence too much. maybe i've never met someone i'm willing to sacrifice my life for yet, or maybe i'm not at the right point in my life.. you know, the point where i'm willing to sacrifice. but there are a lot of ways i could save money. i could eat less. i could shop less. i could SELL THE CAR. all of those are good ideas. i'll work on money saving...

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