Thursday, January 1, 2009

i wonder if i share too much info

so i'm trying to find a place to live right? well there is a new ad on craigs list today for a 28yearold male who lives in hawthorne who sounds remarkably like me so i emailed him. now in the past people's posts i've responded to have said things like "tell me a little bit about your self so i have something to go on" and they never write me back, for one reason or another. so this guy mentioned he had an exotic dandelion garden (there was a photo too...) and not only did i think this was hilarious but i love dandelions. i've always said the boy who shows up with a fist full of dandelions will win my heart. so i emailed him about his dandelions, and about the other things we had in common and signed off. then i remembered the animals and i have to throw that in cause i want him to know what he's in for. but i dont want him to think they are big stinky animals i wont take care of and this is what i said:

oh and i have a 16lb, 13 year old sheltie that i simply cant part with (she mostly sleeps and shes almost blind and deaf so shes real easy and real cute) and an 8 month year old street kitten i took in this summer. they are more than happy to stay in my room when i'm not room and the kitty is easly trained not to scratch and she never ever pees outside her litter box (cat pee is the WORST). i'm a VERY responsible pet owner and would never expect you to take care of them unless for some reason i cant or you feel like you want to. they both take a while to warm up to people so if you dont want them all over you they wont be. sorry for the long post script.

and know i probably sound like a crazy and never write back. what are you supposed to say in these things? if he never responds i'm not going to give so much info and just get them to meet me. ha. well i have a second interview next week with a salon and its on hawthorne this house could be good, especially if i have to sell the jetta and take the bus every day cause its just strait down hawthorne like 20 blocks. hopefully i can keep the jetta cause it will be paid off in a year and that would be soo nice. the rent at this place is $500 which i'm used to, but i'll have to pay trash and untils. i'm going to need a second job regardless but maybe he'll know someone! yah! ok enough crazy for today.

happy new year

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